Toddler Program


Toddler age 2-3 years

Nursery age group is active and children adopt an inquiry based approach to introduce Montessori materials to children. It is the period for grace and courtesy, language development, toilet training and assimilating every new piece of information. Our educator’s roles are to support and enrich your child’s learning by being with them providing resources and opportunities to learn and exercise their freedom for exploration.

Questioning and encouraging children to learn skills to be independent, investigate and solve problems knowing their strengths and weaknesses. Children are encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings refining their communication and interpersonal skills and are evolving to be confident learners.

toddler program childcare geelong

Goals for the learning and development of Toddlers

  • develop a sense of independence and self-reliance.
  • begin to learn through exploration and sensory experiences.
  • learn to communicate their needs and wants through words and gestures.
  • develop and use fine and gross motor skills.
  • learn to socialize and interact with other children and adults.
  • learn practical life skills such as self-care and cleaning up.
  • develop an interest in language and communication through stories and conversations.
  • learn to appreciate and respect diversity in cultures and individuals.
  • Encouragement of independence and problem-solving skills
  • develop a love for learning and curiosity about the world around them.

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