Connecting Montessori with EYLF

connecting montessori with eylf

Connecting Montessori and the Australian Government's Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)

  • Montessori education supports the development of a strong sense of identity in children through the provision of freedom, independence, and choice.
  • Montessori education also encourages children to develop a strong sense of connectedness and contribution to the world by nurturing real-life skills, promoting an appreciation for diversity, and developing strong social skills.
  • The Montessori framework also focuses on developing children’s sense of wellbeing and strong academic foundations.
  • Montessori education encourages confident and involved learning in children by creating a Prepared Environment that empowers children to direct their own learning through freedom of movement and choice.
  • Montessori education fosters the development of effective communication, grace and courtesy, literacy, and social skills, which are essential for children to become effective communicators.

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