About Dr Maria Montessori

“To give our children a fine start in life we must see that their surroundings satisfy their need for activity and development, remembering at the same time that our part is not that of instructor and interferer but of helper.”

Dr Maria Montessori


  • Montessori Minds Childcare and Kindergarten believes in the unique and competent nature of every child, allowing them to evolve by engaging with their environment.
  • We respect their freedom to explore, discover, and learn, providing an environment that supports their self-construction.
  • Our individualized development program offers a stimulating, playful, and purposeful engagement where children work at their own pace and construct their knowledge.
  • We adopt the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) as a key document to inform our child-centered approach.
  • The Montessori curriculum enhances the EYLF by providing children with optimal learning materials and guidance to discover their full potential.
  • Our developmental curriculum allows observations of the children to directly inform their individual programs.
  • Teachers act as facilitators, providing guided learning and support when needed, and creating a prepared environment for learning.
  • Our spaces are adaptive to all children, challenging them to grow and develop to their fullest.
  • We empower our students, staff, and families to access support, resources, and information as members of our community.
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