Infant Program


Infant age 0-2 Years

The Montessori infant program provides a nurturing and secure environment for our youngest learners. Our carefully designed classroom is filled with stimulating materials that support their unique developmental needs. As active learners, infants naturally absorb information through their senses, including touch, movement, sound, and sight.

Safety and care are of the utmost importance in our program. The classroom is designed with this in mind, and our educational materials are carefully selected to support the growth and development of our infants. A consistent routine helps children adjust to their environment, and repetition promotes learning.

We believe in fostering warm relationships and trust between our caregivers, infants, and parents through positive, open communication. Our program also places great importance on cultural sensitivity, and we strive to collaborate with families to create a supportive learning environment that values diversity.

infant program childcare geelong

Goals for the learning and development of infants.

  • Identity: To develop a strong sense of identity through their relationships with others and the environment around them.
  • Connectedness: To develop a sense of belonging and connectedness as they interact with others and explore their surroundings.
  • Wellbeing:  To  develop a sense of wellbeing through positive experiences and relationships, which lay the foundation for healthy social and emotional development.
  • Active Learning: To learn through active exploration of their environment and engaging with the people around them.
  • Communication: To begin to communicate through non-verbal cues such as facial expressions, gestures and sounds, laying the foundation for later language development.

Montessori Minds Childcare and Kindergarten Childcare Geelong provides a stimulating environment for infants to learn

Montessori Minds Childcare and Kindergarten supports the sensitive periods of infancy by providing a stimulating and rich environment providing freedom under supervision and care to satisfy the child’s basic instinct to explore and learn.

“We must construct an environment for the child in which he can be active….. if we are to have an education capable of aiding the development of humanity. Education must begin the day the child is born, and he must be able to live in an environment built for him, an environment that answers his needs.”Dr. Maria Montessori

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