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Our team combines extensive industry and professional practice experience with strong educational credentials. We have people across a range of disciplines, skills, abilities and backgrounds. It is a multicultural Montessori environment.

Message from Mr Aseem Gupta

CEO of Montessori Minds Childcare and Kindergarten

The message in this adage seems simple, but it touched me deeply when I started working with young children in the education sector. My decades of knowledge and success in the business world cannot compare to the
fulfilment I get from working with children – they are the source of my inspiration.

My qualifications (Bachelor of Engineering, Postgraduate in Management, Certification of Global Business Leadership from Harvard Business School, and Managerial Excellence Program from Duke University) gave me the skills and knowledge to manage the business in terms of education and medicine, and help me to serve my community, but it is my love for children and rationale to learn from them and with them that brought me to AMI (Association Montessori Internationale).

Working on the principles of Montessori Education, we recognise the importance of global dimension and the need to prepare our children for the future, keeping in mind cross-cultural competency skills. Montessori Minds Childcare and Kindergarten places a strong emphasis on hands-on experience and aims to ensure that children maximise their abilities, ambitions, and potential in everything they do,
while teachers are facilitators observing them, supporting them, and following.

Their lead to ensure a safe and healthy environment for their wellbeing. As a father myself, I know it is not always easy to leave your child in someone else’s hands, and we at MM are grateful for your trust in us. I would like to extend a warm welcome to all who currently are and will in the future experience the learning journey along with children first-hand. MM has chosen to place itself at the forefront of educational development with a focus on developing a learning environment and commitment to excellence and inclusiveness in the early childhood years.


Message of Dr Ekta Sharma

Center head, Montessori Minds Childcare and Kindergarten

“Children are the human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of greater possibilities of their future.”

– Maria Montessori

My belief in these lines is what defines me and has constituted my experiences in last 23 years of my teaching and learning career. Working with children has been by far the most satisfying experience of my life and I am grateful to all the children, their parents, and my colleagues who have touched my life to make me a better person.

As an educationalist, I have taken the roles of a lecturer, researcher, teacher, a counsellor, and an administrator in the field of Education. My academic qualifications include a double Masters (Masters in child development and Masters in Education) that gave me extensive knowledge about growth and development in children and its impact on their lives. My doctorate was on adolescents and my work has been converted and published into a psychological test for measuring Emotional Intelligence in adolescents.

Being qualified as a Trainer and Assessor, I have had the opportunity to teach in various Universities including the University of Swinburne where I taught students doing Certificate 3 and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. My qualifications also include Diploma in counseling and being a registered counselor with Australian Counselling Association, I can help young parents, children, and others to sail through this journey called LIFE. In return, all these people help me become an empathetic, responsible, and humble human being. I am a fully registered teacher with the

Victorian Institute of Teaching for both primary teaching and early childhood teaching and these experiences in teaching have helped me gain a clear understanding of the collaborations and expectations of the education system at different levels. These learnings contribute when we prepare Kinder children for transitions to formal schools.

I believe that a child does not work to become intelligent, he works as a part of the innate need to adapt to his environment and it is our duty as adults to give him diverse and meaningful experiences to do that. I am thankful to all of you for trusting Montessori Minds Childcare and Kindergarten as the first step for your child to his bright future. We are committed to providing our children with a stimulating and productive environment to explore, discover, learn, enjoy, and construct themselves.

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